Big East teams involved in 6 of the Top 10 Final 4 games in these rankings


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Jun 4, 2001
Putting aside my bias, for 30-plus minutes that was not a great game. But from around the midway point of the second half on through the end, it was one of the great college basketball games of all time.


Oct 31, 2002
I like how they say the UConn Duke '99 "gave us the greatest 40 minutes of basketball that March Madness has ever seen. Rip Hamilton and Langdon traded big-time buckets. The teams traded slender leads. Neither ever led by more than seven. The only thing they didn't deliver was a memorable finish."

Oh, I found the finish very memorable:

It's even better if you remember that K sent them out saying "Take 'em Trajan."
[Chuckle] Alaskan Assassin my ass.

I'd also put the 2011 UConn, Kentucky game on the list. It was a 56-55 win for UConn. UConn led by 10 at the half but Brandon Knight and Kentucky fought back. There even was a last second three as time expired. The only problem was we were up by 4 at the time.
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